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Bob Bolak | Denver/Broomfield, CO

Meet Our Sandler Team

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Bob Bolak

I’ve been selling for as long as I can remember. My first job was going door-to-door in our neighborhood selling engraved social security plates for a company I found in the back of a comic book when I was 8-years old. I didn’t sell too many, but those early cold calls toughened me up for a life in professional sales. At age 18, I came home from college with blue hair and a Flock of Seagulls haircut. My mom said: “You’ve ruined your hair.” An early sign that my need for approval was lower than most – another valuable quality for a life in professional sales.

I didn’t always love sales. I avoided the rejection and pressure of “the game” that prospects played in the buyer-seller dance. Many years later I got the “gift of Sandler” when I found Sandler Training and truly learned how to sell with a selling system based on honesty and getting to the truth quickly, even if that truth is that my “stuff” isn’t a fit. I wasn’t a natural born salesperson. It’s a vocation I had to study and practice for years and years to become competent, not unlike a musician, doctor, CPA, architect or artist. I sell because it is a noble profession, our Sandler communication system changes people’s lives…gives managers, leaders, front-line customer service people and even families the tools to communicate effectively…professionally. As much as I love my business and our work, this wonderful career affords my family and I wonderful opportunities to experience the richness of life. Here are some things I want to do before I die (click here).

What we train isn’t for everyone, it may not be a fit for you. But if you’re the least bit curious, reach out to me and we’ll talk.

Contact: 303-376-6165 or

Vice President

Jamie Bolak

I always imagined when I grew up I would be an artist. The type of artist that carried a portfolio to an advertising agency type job. After graduating from CMU, in Mt. Pleasant, MI with an emphasis in art and advertising, I landed a few jobs in the printing field, print preparation, graphic design, and creative direction in the ad agency world.

I now enjoy using all of my experiences to enhance our “Sandler Training in Denver” brand through a strong, consistent marketing presence in traditional and digital marketing. I am also excited to teach others to solidify their communication processes and sales development skills with our Strategic Customer Care classes and DISC training.

Contact: 303-376-6165 or

Sandler Books

The Sandler library of books includes two Amazon and Wall Street Journal best sellers, as well as the best-selling sales classic for any sales book ever.